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Keshidi air compressor is a manufacturer only focus on screw air compressor filed since 2005 , factory covers an area of 86,580 Sqm, there is more than 200 workers in workshop , and 5 engineers responsible for different spare parts department . With Germany technology , we assembly to make the airend , machine cast iron door and frame , air gas barrel . Except motor , controller , contactor or some filters etc. we have long term cooperation with other spare factory . our performance in factory is growing up monthly , some even more than 3000 sets in a month .

Keshidi supplys compressed air solutions to other sectors of Industry like Petroleum, Chemical,Fertilizer ,Gas processing,engineering ,pharma,hospitals,plastic and Co-generation Electrical Utilities .With highly skilled engineers who inspect each and every components strength and its reliability and accuracy before produce any compressor, we have more than 10 years expertise and team who is continuously working on new ideas to provide good quality compressor to domestic industry as well as international clients . Keshidi not only sell screw air compressors machines , but also sell the after sales technical support globally. No matter you are wholesaler , distributors, dealers , trading company ,or the end users , we are capable of providing customer both benefit and support alway time .




Contact: Sandy Liu

Phone: 0086 13788831701

Tel: 0086 0595 22921590


Add: NO.5 building, Kangtaili Industrial Park, Huli District ,Xiamen ,China

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